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Secure Communications Controller Latest Generation Communication Cross-Connect Technology

The SCCv1.1 provides audio and data radio interoperability with remote radio control in an expeditionary package. With flexible power supplies and adaptable interfaces, SCCv1.1 supports a variety of expeditionary missions. It is rack-mountable, 8″ deep, with all connections on the front, and supports MIL-STD-1275 power input, making it ideal for transit case or vehicle integration.

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Secure Communications Controller

SCCv1.1 supports simultaneous audio and data radio interoperability, allowing operators to share data between disparate legacy and modern tactical radio networks. SCCv1.1 interacts directly with existing tactical radios, partner nation radios, SATCOM assets, mobile phones and commercial push-to-talk radios.

The Web-based interface helps you connect different networks in minutes, and lets you change your setup as the mission evolves.

  • 3 Analog Audio Channels
  • 1 Operator Handset (H-250/U)
  • 1 Ethernet port
  • 3 Serial connections for remote configuration of select US Tactical Radios
  • 2 Data Channels for Legacy US Tactical Radios
  • 1 Standard E1 ground lug
  • Web-Based interface
  • Remotely Configurable
  • Ability to connect to multiple units
  • Size: 16.63” x 1.72” x 8.00” deep
  •  Fits EIA-310 Standard 19” Racks
  • Power: 18 Watts (Typical) 11-24VDC
  • Weight: 6 lbs
  • Audio & Data Interface Cables
  • Remote Radio Control Cables
  • External power cables (AC, DC/Vehicle)

Data cross-link & Remote interface control of presets, frequency and other parameters on select US tactical radios.

  • PRC-117F (RT-1796), PRC-117G (RT-1949), PSC-5D (RT-1672D), PRC-150 (RT-1694), PRC-152 (RT-1619)

Cellular (Android, iPhone)

Public safety radios

  • Motorola DP 4401, XTS & APX Series, PR1500, MT1500, Harris XL P/M Series, and various ICOM, Tait, Hytera, Kenwood radios

Audio cross-link of heterogeneous military tactical radios, cellular phones, partner nation radios, and public safety radios

Tactical & Land Mobile Radios

  • North American, European & Australian Radios: Various, i.e. PRC-117F/G, PRC-119 (RT-1523), PRC-148, PRC-150 (VRC-104), PRC-152, PRC-154, PRC-155, PRC-158, PRC-160, PRC-162, RF-5800 series, RF-7800, PSC-5D, URC-200, URC-300, ARC-210, PRC-6809, RT-1702, PRC-138 (RF-5200), 2110, Sentry-H 6110-MP, PRC-624, HF-6000, HF-8000, MCTR 7200, HH2100V, PRC-1077, PRC-1099, RT-7000, RT-7700H, PRC-2080+, PRC-2081+, RF13, RF23, RF2350, RF40, TRC 3600, TW-135, PR4G F@stnet family, TRC-3700, TRC-3730, SRT 633, SEM 52A, SEM 52S, SEM 52SL, SEM 70, MR300xH/U, M3TR, MH300 LFR, Bowman Radio System, PRC-325, TW-900/950, and others
  • Israel: i.e. CNR-710, CNR-9000 and other variants
  • Republic of Korea (ROK): PRC-999K (RT-314K), PRC-950K
  • Japan: Broadband Multipurpose Wireless (BMW) Radio