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Trident Systems Incorporated to exhibit at AFCEA West 2023

By Trident Systems | Feb 6, 2023

Trident Systems will exhibit at AFCEA West 2023, from February 14th to February 16th, at the San Diego Convention Center. Trident will feature the Mini-Secure Communications Controller (Mini-SCC) tactical voice bridge which enables disparate radio systems (i.e., tactical, first responder, cellular) to communicate instantly, regardless of radio type, frequency, or COMSEC. Ideal for Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and First Responder operations, the Mini-SCC establishes rapid and reliable communications interoperability in a handheld MIL-STD form factor.

“Tactical communications interoperability is still stuck in the last century. Why? Most senior commanders communicate almost exclusively via computers – not tactical radios. They mistakenly believe comms interoperability with tactical partners is a bygone issue. Compounding this problem, there are some less than adequate tactical voice bridges (TVBs) currently fielded. Thus, the program requirement personnel (G8) believe that tactical units have what they require. Frankly, many TVBs aren’t adequate for today’s comms interoperability needs, but they check the box for program requirements established by high level support staffs – not Soldiers in the field. Whereas the MINI-SCC is a tactical voice bridge that bridges multiple systems, can jump or extend networks by leveraging bridged systems, and is incredibly easy to employ. This system should be standard kit for tactical US units – especially those in the Indo-PACOM AOR.” Former Commander of US Army Africa, MG and 30-year Veteran, Joseph Harrington.

Trident will also be featuring it’s Versatile Integrated Sensors for Towed Arrays (VISTA), the latest product in Trident’s Tactical Prognostics and Health Monitoring (TPHM) portfolio.  A self-contained module with a year-long duration, VISTA captures the critical environmental impacts on thin-line towed arrays to inform future testing, requirements, and manufacturing standards while enabling CBM. Trident’s TPHM solutions provide condition-based maintenance (CBM), predictive maintenance, and autonomous technologies to improve readiness and maintenance efforts.

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