Integrated C4ISR Systems (ICS)

ICS is Trident’s business area dedicated to the design, development and deployment of innovative command and control systems for the safety and survivability of our armed forces and to protect the National Capital Region.

Integrated C4ISR Systems

Trident’s ICS business unit develops solutions for a wide range of demanding missions and environments, including man-portable communications interoperability systems, tactical health monitoring & prognostics solutions, secure wireless networking and modular, scalable surveillance systems.  The ICS team also provides advanced facility engineering utilizing the latest off-the-shelf technologies for next generation command centers, conference rooms and collaboration facilities. ICS holds industry-recognized certifications in many disciplines, understands critical Information Assurance regulations, and routinely works in secure environments.

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Multi-Domain Communications

Trident’s ICS business unit is a leader in development and deployment of handheld radio interoperability devices for coalition and domestic use, as well as shipboard qualified wireless access points.


Surveillance Systems

For over 20 years, the ICS business unit has developed, integrated and sustained integrated air/ground defense systems for protection of critical airspace and high valued assets. Trident’s broad expertise spans development of integrated systems featuring sensors, radars, correlators, communications, cameras and processing devices for a comprehensive detection, identification and visualization of imminent threats. Trident’s previous and on-going programs include design, development and sustainment of complete situational awareness systems, command centers, and electronic classrooms. Trident has developed and currently sustains integrated air defense software systems in the National Capital Region.


Predictive Maintenance & Logistics

The ICS business unit’s tactical prognostics and health monitoring solutions provide automatic data collection and analysis for tactical platforms, enabling Condition Based Maintenance (CBM). Trident’s experience includes design, development and integration of predictive maintenance systems for a variety of tactical platforms across the DoD, including wheeled vehicles, tracked vehicles, unmanned vehicles, artillery systems, and integrated sensor systems. Trident’s technologies allow for a decrease in the time to repair a platform, increased visibility into the health of forward deployed platforms, increased specificity to support maintenance operations, and a reduction of repair cost and down-time, ultimately enhancing a platform’s operational availability while decreasing total ownership cost.