Predictive Maintenance & Logistics

Trident designs, develops, integrates, installs and sustains numerous Tactical Prognostics & Health Monitoring systems on vehicles, vessels and weapon platforms across the DoD.

Predictive Maintenance & Logistics

Trident’s expertise is focused on embedded condition-based maintenance (CBM) solutions integrated with existing systems and sensors for at-platform situational awareness and as an enabler for off-platform big data analytics.

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Trident offers a diverse background in key prognostics and health monitoring areas:

  • Extensive expertise developing and deploying sensor-based CBM solutions for ground and sea-based tactical platforms focused on the on platform diagnostics and prognostics with autonomous offload
  • Demonstrated experience processing and analyzing streaming sensor data from analog and digital sources (accelerometers, CAN bus, Ethernet, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, thermocouples, etc.) for health monitoring, decision-making and support purposes
  • Proven expertise successfully navigating Cybersecurity reviews and the RMF Authorization to Operate (ATO) process
  • Proficiency with on-platform data correlation, pattern recognition, AI/ML processing and graphical user interface presentation of critical health diagnostics and prognostics data
  • Proven expertise designing, developing and integrating autonomous health monitoring and CBM systems for DoD


The Autonomous Automotive Data Logger Kit (A2DL) is your solution for collecting tactical truck usage and performance metrics. Containing the required components to meet USMC requirements, the A2DL kit provides a common data logger, which writes to industry standards, 1708 converter to adapt the unique legacy signals and faults to J1939 for data logging possibilities, and associated cabling. Configured once for the platform, the A2DL kit can be updated over the air for reliable and hands off operation.

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