Autonomous Automotive Data Logger Kit

Latest Generation CBM Technology

The Autonomous Automotive Data Logger Kit (A2DL) is your solution for collecting tactical truck usage and performance metrics. Containing the required components to meet USMC requirements, the A2DL kit provides a common data logger, which writes to industry standards, 1708 converter to adapt the unique legacy signals and faults to J1939 for data logging possibilities, and associated cabling. Configured once for the platform, the A2DL kit can be updated over the air for reliable and hands off operation. The A2DL and supporting infrastructure have been granted an ATO supporting USMC vehicle data collection and prognostics.

Full capture of vehicle engine bus parameters, autonomous
offload, data aggregation

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Reliable & Real-Time System Monitoring

Vehicle usage data and performance metrics are key indicators for vehicle health and selection of the right vehicle to use for your next mission. The A2DL kit provides those metrics to build into your existing data pipeline and dash boarding systems through industry standard data formats and transmission.

  • Dual Channel Data Logger
  • 1708 Converter to Capture Legacy Bus
  • Magnetic Mountable Antenna
  • Over the Air Update Capability
  • Authorized to Operate with USMC Vehicles
  • Motor Pool Wireless Offload when Paired with Wireless Server Kit
  • Compatible with 802.11 b/g/n networks
  • Custom Configurations and Support
  • Data Logger
  • 1708 Converter
  • Antenna
  • Associated Cabling
  • Data Logger
  • Antenna
  • Associated Cabling