Multi-Function RF Processing Units & Software Defined Radios

MultiFunction RF Electronics Unit & On-Board Processor (MFREU)

A complete SDR, processor and data storage unit built on Trident’s VPX modules suitable for a wide range of mission applications. Built with an EMI/EMC hardened chassis, integrated power supplies and flexible I/O, it is modular and customizable; the ideal solution for modern space applications.

Several Standard Configurations With Customization Available

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Multi-Function RF Unit and Storage

Highly Integrated

The MFREU combines Trident’s xDRT modules with support modules for a complete unit-level solution. Based on our powerful, flexible multifunction processing architecture, programmability over all key RF/Processing features is available in a very small size, weight, and power footprint. SpaceVPX compatibility and customization provides modularity, scalability and simplifies integration into space payloads.

Balanced Reliability

TRL9 on several LEO missions, a proven Radiation Effects Mitigated architecture, coupled with radiation-tolerant components, redundancy and a robust mechanical design, provide a low C-SWaP, high reliability platform for operation in harsh orbital and interplanetary environments.

  • Up to 8 TX & RX channels per card
  • Up to 4 xDRT modules per PSU
  • 12-to-14-Bit DAC/ADC Options
  • Interleaved Operation to >6 GSps
  • DC – 8 GHz+ without RF Converter
  • Internal/External RF Converter Options
  • Card Synchronization
  • Internal or External Ref/Sample CLK
  • Up to 4 TB Storage per slot
  • Redundant or Single String
  • Customization Available
  • Mission Areas: SAR/GMTI Radar, EO/IR Imaging, Tactical ISR, On-Board Edge Processing, Custom RF
  • Trident Modules: SQDRT (Virtex5), UDRT (Xilinx MPSoC), RDRT (Xilinx RFSoC) and VDRT (Xilinx Versal AI)
  • Compatability: OpenVPX and SpaceVPX compatibility for 3rd party SBCs, GPUs, and GPPs
  • Card Positions: Scalable; 3 to 7 slots typical; high-speed backplane inter-module connectivity
  • SWaP: 11″ x 12″ (baseplate) x 6″ Typical, < 15 kg, 50 to 200W+ with low power modes
  • Power Supply: +28 VDC MIL-STD-704 and MIL-STD-461E Filtered. Primary and redundant options
  • Temperature: -20′ C to + 55′ C Operation (at baseplate) configuration dependent
  • Reliability: TID: 100 kRad unit level (TYP), No DSEL for LET <= 37 MeV-cm^2/mg


  • High speed data: SERDES, 1/10/40 GigE, Copper & Fiber
  • Control & low speed data: GigE/UDP, SpaceWire, CAN bus, Custom
  • General Purpose I/O: RS-422, LVDS, LVTTL, Custom
  • Discrete Enables: PSU Select/Enable, Module Select/Enable
  • RF: 50 ohm single ended, high-density
  • Reference & Sample Clocks: Internal or External
  • Synchronization: 1 PPS
  • Backplane Interface: SpaceVPX/OpenVPX per VITA 78/65
  • Power: Isolated, Filtered MIL-DTL 38999

Multifunction Reconfigurability

Multiple FPGA/Processor boot load options

  • Primary/Redundant NOR Flash
  • Dynamically Reconfigurable
  • On-orbit re-programmability